What is a hero? An ordinary person who does extra ordinary things. A helper, supporter, friend and protector…YOU AND ME.

Our Mission
Through life skills and character development teach children that they are little heroes. To develop champions that tackle life’s ups and downs with courage, are brave and are winners in life.


– Weekly group sessions
– Individual sessions
– Ages 3 – 18
– Using creative techniques
– Life coaching for adults
– Children take home a Hero tool to remind them of the session

Some lesson topics:
How to develop or deal with:
– Perseverance
– Patience and Practice
– Beliefs (what I believe about myself)
– Disappointment and failure
– Being a leader
– Healthy boundaries
– Good character: kindness, respect, manners and more
– My values and rules
– Sportsmanship…. and a whole lot more.

Also offers:
– Curriculum programs for schools
– Topic teaching: I will come in and teach on a specific topic e.g. healthy boundaries, friendships, keeping my body safe etc.
– Staff development: Workshops on life coaching principles from a teaching perspective


Life lessons are taught through the lens of “Who am I” and “What do I believe about myself”. We want healthy children all round because emotional development is key to success in life. If a child isn’t secure they struggle to learn effectively.



Teaching children to be CHAMPIONS in life!!!